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Rebranding and Marketing for law firm HSP Law

Roromedia has had the privilege of collaborating with HSP Law, a prominent law firm, on a comprehensive rebranding, website development, and merchandising project. The objective was to revitalize their brand identity, establish a strong online presence, and create an engaging user experience for their clients. Through a seamless integration of design, technology, marketing strategies, stakeholder interviews, and the creation of a new claim, we have successfully delivered a cohesive solution that aligns with the firm's vision and values.


To commence the project, we conducted extensive research, including stakeholder interviews with all seven key stakeholders at HSP Law. These interviews have provided deep insights into the firm's values, goals, target audience, and unique selling propositions. Based on the insights gathered, our creative team developed a compelling rebranding strategy. This involved refreshing the firm's logo, refining their brand guidelines, and creating a cohesive visual identity system that exudes professionalism and trustworthiness. Additionally, we worked closely with the stakeholders to develop a new claim that encapsulates HSP Law's unique value proposition and differentiation in the market.

Website Development

Our team proceeded to design and develop a custom website that reflects HSP Law's new brand essence. We focussed on creating an intuitive user interface, implementing responsive design principles to ensure seamless user experiences across various devices. Drupal, a robust Content Management Framework (CMF), was used for the foundation for the website. Drupal provides a flexible and scalable platform that empowers the firm's staff to effortlessly manage and update their site content.

Key features of the website include:

1. Intuitive Navigation

Drupal provides a clear and user-friendly navigation system to ensure visitors can easily find the information they need.

2. Podcast

The website includes a dedicated podcast that highlights HSP Law's notable case studies, showcasing their expertise and successful outcomes to potential clients.

3. Attorney Profiles

Individual attorney profiles are designed to establish personal connections with clients, showcasing their experience, areas of specialization, and professional achievements.

4. News and Insights

A dynamic blog section integrated into the website allows for the sharing of valuable legal insights, industry updates, and thought leadership articles. Drupal makes it easy to manage and publish content in this section.

5. Contact and Consultation

A prominent and accessible contact page is implemented, allowing visitors to easily reach out for inquiries or schedule consultations.


In addition to the rebranding and website development, our agency has assisted HSP Law in developing a merchandising strategy to reinforce their brand presence. Branded merchandise, including umbrellas, USB sticks, chocolate wrappers, and coffee sugars, featuring HSP Law's logo and brand elements, are carefully selected to align with the firm's image. These items serve as unique and useful gifts, enhancing brand visibility and creating memorable experiences for recipients.

Office branding

In addition to the rebranding, website development, and merchandising efforts, our collaboration with HSP Law extended to office redecoration, aligning the physical space with the newly established brand identity. To create a cohesive and visually appealing environment, we implemented various elements that reinforced the brand's presence. Glass walls were adorned with custom-designed wall stickers, featuring key brand elements, such as the logo, tagline, and visual motifs. These wall stickers not only added a touch of sophistication but also served as a constant reminder of HSP Law's brand identity within the office space. Additionally, we strategically placed the logo throughout the office, including reception areas, conference rooms, and common spaces, further enhancing brand visibility and leaving a lasting impression on visitors. To complete the office redecoration, we designed and installed branded signage that reflected HSP Law's new visual identity, ensuring consistency and professionalism across all touchpoints. The office redecoration efforts created a unified brand experience, both online and offline, fostering a strong sense of brand recognition and leaving a lasting impression on clients, employees, and guests.


The collaborative effort between our web agency and HSP Law has resulted in significant improvements across various metrics. The stakeholder interviews have provided valuable insights that guided the rebranding and website development process, ensuring a strategic and tailored approach. The creation of a new claim captured HSP Law's unique value proposition and messaging, effectively differentiating the firm in the market. Drupal, as a Content Management Framework, empowers HSP Law to easily manage and update their site content, ensuring a seamless user experience. The rebranding efforts have successfully positioned the firm as modern and trustworthy, leading to increased brand recognition and a more positive perception among clients. The new website, built on Drupal, has garnered praise for its user-friendly interface, engaging design, and efficient content management capabilities. The seamless integration of Drupal as a Content Management Framework has provided HSP Law with a flexible and scalable platform to meet their specific content management needs. With Drupal, HSP Law can effortlessly update case studies, attorney profiles, blog articles, and other website content, ensuring that the information presented to visitors is always up-to-date and relevant.

Furthermore, the merchandising strategy, featuring branded umbrellas, USB sticks, chocolate wrappers, and coffee sugars to name a few, has contributed to increased brand visibility and generated positive feedback from recipients. These thoughtfully selected branded items serve as powerful marketing tools, spreading awareness of HSP Law's brand and creating a lasting impression among clients, partners, and employees.

The combined efforts of our web agency and HSP Law have yielded exceptional results. The rebranding, website development, and merchandising initiatives have successfully elevated HSP Law's brand image, enhanced their online presence, and fostered better client engagement. The integration of Drupal as a powerful Content Management Framework (CMF) ensures a seamless content management experience, enabling HSP Law to maintain an up-to-date and engaging website for their audience.

We take great pride in our successful collaboration with HSP Law, and we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of digital innovation to help our clients thrive in the ever-evolving online landscape.

HSP Law & Roromedia

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