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The Energieinstitut, a pioneering organization in the renewable energy sector, entrusted our agency with the development of an innovative online platform. Our collaboration focused on creating a cutting-edge solution that connects space owners with photovoltaic service providers, facilitating the widespread adoption of renewable energy. This portfolio reference highlights our successful partnership in developing a platform that revolutionizes the renewable energy landscape.

Green Aspect

At the core of Energieinstitut's vision is the commitment to promoting green energy solutions. We placed a strong emphasis on the green aspect throughout the platform's design and messaging. By highlighting the environmental benefits of renewable energy and the positive impact of photovoltaic installations, we effectively communicated the importance of sustainable energy adoption. The platform served as a catalyst for creating a greener future by connecting space owners with photovoltaic service providers dedicated to renewable energy solutions.

Matching Algorithm

To optimize the connection process between space owners and photovoltaic service providers, we implemented a state-of-the-art matching algorithm. This intelligent algorithm considered a range of criteria, including location, available space, service provider expertise, and project requirements. By leveraging advanced data analysis techniques, the matching algorithm generated highly compatible matches, ensuring successful collaborations between space owners and service providers. The algorithm significantly streamlined the connection process, saving time and enhancing the efficiency of renewable energy project development.

Platform Development

Our development team worked closely with Energieinstitut to create an intuitive and feature-rich online platform. The platform empowers space owners to showcase their available roofs or spaces, providing comprehensive details on location, size, and energy potential. Photovoltaic service providers gained access to a curated list of opportunities, enabling them to review project requirements, connect with space owners, and initiate collaborative efforts. The platform's user interface was designed to be visually appealing, user-friendly, and responsive across various devices, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience.


Through our collaboration with Energieinstitut, we successfully developed an online platform that revolutionizes the way renewable energy connections are made. The platform's green aspect has garnered significant attention and attracted environmentally conscious users, driving the adoption of renewable energy solutions. The implementation of the advanced matching algorithm has greatly improved the efficiency and success rate of connections, fostering fruitful collaborations between space owners and photovoltaic service providers.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We were particularly eager to collaborate with Energieinstitut on this project, as sustainability is deeply ingrained in our company's values. Our commitment to promoting renewable energy and driving positive environmental change made this partnership a perfect match. With shared enthusiasm for sustainability, we dedicated our expertise and resources to develop an innovative online platform that empowers the renewable energy sector and facilitates meaningful connections between space owners and photovoltaic service providers. Our passion for sustainability fueled our drive to create a truly transformative solution that contributes to a greener future.

Our partnership with Energieinstitut in the development of the online platform has empowered the renewable energy sector by creating a seamless connection between space owners and photovoltaic service providers. With a strong emphasis on the green aspect and the implementation of an advanced matching algorithm, we have successfully revolutionized renewable energy connections. Together with Energieinstitut, we have played a pivotal role in advancing the adoption of renewable energy, facilitating sustainable collaborations, and driving positive environmental change.

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